UFOs In My Life

Childhood Events


I was born in 1946 and grew up on a farm in North Carolina, with my older sister Sarah and my younger brother David. My mother was a school teacher and my father worked in a cotton mill and ran the farm. We had no close neighbors and were very isolated until we entered the first grade, before which our contact with other kids was mostly with cousins and at church. We did not have a television until I was seven and got a telephone a few years later. Consequently, I knew very little about the world and had no exposure to strange things like flying saucers.

Map of farm

Age 5

The earliest unusual event that I remember is the sighting of a UFO.

Object over the house

One cloudless, sunny day I walked out the front door into the yard. For some reason I immediately looked up and saw an unfamiliar object hanging in the sky directly above the house, several hundred feet up. It was long and slender and without wings, was completely silent, and was motionless except that it slowly rotated about its center. I instantly knew that it was not like airplanes I was used to seeing. As I focused my attention on it, I had a clear sense of mechanical movement inside it, and a distinct feeling that it was not from around here. At that moment my 3-year-old brother David came out of the house, and I excitedly pointed at the object and said, "Look!" He look up and exclaimed, "Wow!" We stood marveling at the spectacle for a few seconds, and I felt that I must get my mother to come see it. I ran into the house yelling for her to come outside and see the strange thing in the sky. She was ironing and didn't want to leave while the iron was hot, and just laughed as if I was playing a game. I kept yelling until she finally put down the iron and unhurriedly walked outside - no doubt to humor me - which seemed to take forever, but when she finally arrived the object was no longer there. She just laughed and went back inside. I was distraught that she missed the greatest thing I had ever seen, and that she didn't believe me.

That this was a precursor to events that followed may have been no accident. Alien encounters are often preceded by the sighting of an object in the sky, which seems to be a deliberate presentation to a person who is targeted, and may actually be an initial form of contact that is a prelude to further more direct encounters. The purpose may be to focus the person's attention to establish a mental link for communication and mind control. My sensation that the object was highly mechanical, and of its unwordliness, seemed more like direct perceptions than my own imaginings, and might well have been such a communication. In any case, it had a profound impact on me. I had never heard of flying saucers, as such things were called in those days, but the experience opened my awareness and spurred my curiosity, and alerted me that there were strange things that were utterly fascinating. I never had another sighting, but the event sealed my passion, and possibly more besides. In following years the subject of UFOs became the greatest intellectual interest of my life. I developed an interest in science, particularly in space and astronomy, which eventually led to my majoring in math and physics in college. This was driven by a desire to understand the mysteries of the Universe, which may have begun with this event.

The following event, like most others that followed, had no apparent link to UFOs. It was only years later, in my program to recall all past strange events, that I associated it with this phenomenon.

Talking to a man outside the house

One day I entered the house after I had been playing around the shrubbery in front of the house and told my mother that I had just been talking to a nice man. At first she was startled, for our house was isolated, not in sight of the nearest neighbor. But since I had been just outside the living room where she was and she had not seen or heard anyone, she decided that there was nothing to it and relaxed. Later, I could not remember what I talked about with the man or what he looked like, only that he was very friendly and I was completely at ease with him.

Though this was an unremarkable event as far as I was concerned, the memory stayed with me afterward. Childhood encounters with strange beings are often part of a series of contacts that continue through childhood and beyond. The beings are usually very friendly and the children feel no fear and have pleasant memories of the meetings. These early encounters may serve to lay the groundwork for the ultimate purpose of the contact, which comes to fruition later when the person reaches a certain level of maturity. Then, the nature and tone of the encounters change dramatically.

Not all childhood encounters were positive. The following was one of the two most frightening experiences of my childhood.

The faceless man down the lane

One day I said to my mother that I wanted to walk to the creek by myself. This was quite a distance from the house, down the lane behind the barn and into the woods, and we children had never been allowed to go there alone. She had always said no to such requests, but much to my surprise, this time she said yes. Excited, I headed down the lane as my mother watched from the kitchen window, and I was soon out of sight of the house. As I rounded a curve just before the lane entered the woods, I was much surprised to see directly ahead of me a man standing in the center of the lane. He stood facing me, with his arms folded, as if he was waiting for me. I took a few more steps and stopped. He was very tall and stood as still as a statue, and did not acknowledge me at all. My surprise quickly turned to fear, for there was something very weird about this man. My instinct was to turn and run back to the house, but I didn't want to show that I was afraid. I hesitated for a few seconds, then I bravely took a few steps forward and stopped just in front of him. I looked up at him and said, "I've got to go back to the house now," to explain why I didn't continue on to the creek, and turned and walked quickly back up the lane. I was terrified, and all I could think of was getting away from him. When I rounded the curve and was out of sight of him, I broke into a run. I felt a dreadful fear and kept looking behind me to see if he was following, but thankfully he wasn't. When I got back to the house my mother said with a laugh, "You weren't gone very long." I told her what had happened and she became concerned. No one should have been at the creek since it was on our farm. She asked if I knew who the man was, thinking that he might be one of our neighbors, but I said it was no one that I knew. She asked what the man looked like, but I was not able to say anything. The fact was, I couldn't remember his face at all, though I had looked directly at him from only a few feet away. That he never reacted to my presence and remained perfectly still the entire time was very creepy to me. I was afraid to return to the creek for a long time.

The implication is that this was not an ordinary man, and the event was a masked encounter. The fact that I had no impression of his face indicates that his appearance was screened from me. Screen memories are a common aspect of encounters, especially with children, in which the images and events that the person remembers are not real, but are substituted to conceal what really happened. Under hypnosis the person realizes that these memories were imposed by some kind of mind control, and is able to look behind the screen and retrieve the real memories, which usually are more disturbing. I now wonder if my desire to go to the creek alone and my mother's acquiescence were a coincidence. There are many cases where a person feels a compulsion to go to an isolated location where he has an encounter, in which the compulsion seems to be imposed. Could both I and my mother have been mentally manipulated? What could have been the purpose of such a brief encounter, except perhaps to monitor my reaction?

Age 6-7

The unknown device

One day I began to draw pictures of a peculiar device. It was a square box a foot or two on each side with controls and indicators on its face and a curved arm extending from its right side with a round instrument on top, like a gauge. I was fascinated by it and drew it over and over, though I didn't know what it was. I knew that I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't remember where. A few days later my first grade teacher had the students line up at the blackboard and draw something they liked. The other students drew pictures of dogs, cats, houses and trees, but I drew the device, and proudly stood by it as she stopped by each student in turn, smiling and commenting on their drawings. When she came to me she looked at my drawing and frowned. She asked me what it was, but all I could say was that I did not know. She told me from now on to draw more familiar things. I was disappointed that she could not see how wonderful this device was. She apparently told my mother, who taught at the same school, who told me not to draw such things any more.

Where had I seen this device, and what was it? Was it a leaked memory from an encounter that I did not remember?

Age 7

The boogers

One day my sister Sarah came home from visiting our cousin Elizabeth, age 11, who lived down the road. She was laughing about the story Elizabeth had told her about the boogers who came in the middle of the night and took her away. Although she laughed at the funny story, she said in a more serious tone, "They come and get you - they really do!", indicating that Elizabeth thought the boogers were real. "They take you and bring you back." Sarah, my brother David and I got pencils and paper and had great fun drawing pictures of the boogers, which we drew as black dome-shaped creatures with skinny arms and a large grin. We joked about the boogers for a long time afterward.

Children's accounts of being taken in the night by strange beings and later returned are a hallmark of the alien abduction phenomenon. Elizabeth and my sister had other strange experiences, which are described below.

The following is a dream-like memory that felt real.

I want my mommy

I was in a room, standing by three or four young adults who were seated together on a bench-like seat. I didn't know where I was, who the people were, or why I was there. All I knew was that I wanted my mother and wanted to go home. I was crying, and I kept saying, "I want my mommy!". A man and a woman were leaning forward trying to console me. They were smiling and very friendly, and wanted me to calm down. I knew they wanted me to stay with them, and I didn't want to be there. I would not be consoled and kept saying that I wanted my mother. I felt that they were a bit exasperated that I would not calm down.

Though this memory was dream-like, for a long time after I found myself thinking that it was real and trying to remember where it had taken place, how I had gotten there, and why my mother had not been present, since she rarely let me out of her sight. It was very confusing. Now I consider that it might have been a real encounter. Abductees often have dream-like memories that under hypnosis turn out to be fragments of real experiences. Interestingly, abductees often report that on board alien craft they see bench-like seats that extend along the walls. The extreme friendliness of the people was similar to the friendliness of the man who talked to me as I played outside the house (above) and of the man in the final airplane dream (described below). In some cases with children, it seems very important to the alien beings to gain their willing cooperation, perhaps as a necessary preparation for what will be required of them later.

The camping trip

Craig, Elizabeth's older brother, and his friend invited me to go camping in the woods near our house. I had never camped overnight and was not eager to go with boys so much older, but my mother urged me to go, so I went. We set up camp and ate dinner, then sat around the camp fire and talked. As the light faded I became uneasy, and when dark settled in I became afraid and agitated, and said I that wanted to go home. Craig asked me what was wrong and tried to calm me, but I kept insisting, becoming more agitated. They finally took me home, puzzled as to what had brought this on. My mother asked me what was wrong, but I said nothing. I knew the reason I was afraid, but also felt that I must not tell anyone. As it grew dark, I felt increasingly exposed and vulnerable and became apprehensive that "they" would come and take me. I did not have a clear image of who "they" were, but knew that they were frightening entities who could come in the night and take me away. I felt safer at home with mother.

This was more than just a child's fear of things that go bump in the night. I knew it was real and also that I was not allowed to tell about it - it was a secret. The feeling that I nust not tell was imbued in my thinking and was present in subsequent experiences. It was only many years later, when I began to examine these events critically, that I was able to break through the veil of secrecy and felt free to discuss them.

The following event occurred at school and was not an encounter experience. I did not place any significance on it until I read of similar events in a book by Donald Keyhoe several years later and learned that it was associated with UFOs. This happened on two separate occasions when I was in the second or third grade.

Angel hair

One day at school the class saw out the windows that the air was filled with long strands that resembled cobwebs, wafting in the wind. When we went outside for recess, we chased after the strands trying to catch them, but it was very windy and, frustratingly, the strands stayed just out of reach over our heads. They seemed to dissolve before they hit the ground, and nobody was able to catch any. Some of the strands were many feet long, and no one knew what they were or where they came from. Some speculated that they were webs blown from farmers' fields, but that could not have been the case.

Keyhoe described multiple accounts of long strands of cobweb-like substance that fell in large quantities after witnesses saw material ejected from a UFO. The substance, which is called angel hair, dissolved quickly and disappeared when it came in contact with the skin.

Age 8

The following was one of the most frightening experiences of my childhood, along with the faceless man down the lane (above).

The big dog at the top of the hill

Sarah, David and I were playing behind the house when Sarah began kidding me that there were lions at the top of the hill, and she dared me to go up there. The hill began a little further back in the yard, where the lawn sloped upward until it reached a field about 150 feet from the house. This part of the lawn narrowed as it passed between copses of trees on both sides, and was not easily visible from the house. Sarah kept taunting me, so I finally called her bluff. I knew that there were no lions at the top of the hill, where we went all the time, but still I was apprehensive that maybe she knew something I didn't. When I began walking up the hill, Sarah and David continued playing and ceased to pay attention to me. As I reached the trees I proceeded cautiously and stopped about six feet from the field, in which grew green wheat that was nearly waist high. For a few seconds I looked carefully at the wheat to see if an animal was hiding it it, but it looked normal. Suddenly, directly in front of me, in the blink of an eye a figure emerged from the wheat and stood before me. It happened so quickly that it took me a second to take in what I saw and to react. Before me stood a small person-like figure a bit shorter than I and facing me with its feet planted apart. It was completely covered in a close-fitting brown outfit that covered the head as well, and some protruberance curved out from the face area. The little person stood perfectly still and made no sound. When the strangeness of this finally registered, my fear rose to a panic, and I turned and ran for my life, screaming all the way down the hill. Sarah and David were by the house and looked to see what I was yelling about. I fumbled for words to describe what I had seen, and suddenly felt that I should say that I had seen a big dog at the top of the hill, though I knew full well that what I had seen was two-legged and not a dog. I hurriedly ran into the house and found my mother busy in the kitchen, and blurted out to her as well that a big dog had scared me at the top of the hill. She just laughed, as usual, and continued working.

When I thought about this experience later, my first thought was that I had seen a dog, though when I pictured the scene I clearly saw a small person-like figure and knew that it was not a dog. But I also knew that when I told anyone about it I should say that I had seen a dog. It was as if I had been given a post-hypnotic suggestion that I would remember what I had seen as a large, frightening dog. For years after this event, I had dreams of the hill as a spooky, frightening place.

I later considered whether my sister dared me to go up the hill where she knew someone was hiding in the wheat to play a joke on me. But the emergence of the figure was so fast that it could not have been a person or an animal. I only saw a blur of motion as the figure appeared and became planted in only a fraction of a second. It was so fast that I was not sure that it actually came from the wheat. The brown outfit resembled an environmental suit in which the curved extension over the face could have been a breathing hose. There are reports of landed UFOs and small beings wearing full-body suits, in some cases brown in color.

There are similarities between this event and my encounter with the faceless man down the lane. (1) In both cases the figures stood facing me, completely motionless and silent. (2) Another person was complicit in my having the encounter: in the first case my mother, and in the second my sister. (3) In both cases my perceptions were screened. In the first case I had no memory of the man's face, and in the second my mind conjured up a dog instead of the small being.

Age 9

When we got a television set in 1953 and could watch the single TV channel that was available, my awareness of the world greatly expanded. My favorite shows were science and science fiction shows like Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. I also learned that there were such things as flying saucers, which many people thought were spaceships from other planets, though what I saw on TV was mostly sensational movie previews about Earth being attacked. I was disappointed that my mother never let me go to any of these movies. We had great curiosity about such things, and my sister Sarah and I sometimes talked about them, as in the following event. It was the first of several sightings by her that I know of, which seemed to place her at the focus of this phenomenon.

Sarah saw a landed craft

One afternoon Sarah and I were walking along the pasture toward the house, and we began talking about flying saucers. I asked her if she had ever seen one, and she said matter-of-factly that she had seen one on the ground, and pointed to a spot across the pasture by a fence. I asked her when she had seen it, and she told me a time in the near past, some weeks or months previously, I think. I asked how big it was, and she said it was about the size of a car. She seemed serious and spoke as if it was an unremarkable event. Our discussion then moved on to other subjects.

Could she have been kidding me? I never knew her to lie with a straight face. I accepted what she told me.

The scariest thing I ever saw on TV

One of my favorite TV shows was Science Fiction Theater, an anthology like The Twilight Zone that featured a different story in each episode. I looked forward to the show every week, until one episode made my hair stand on end. In this episode, a prospector went into the desert with his burro, and at some remote location he discovered a crashed flying saucer and a dead alien, which were not shown. In the next scene the prospector was leading his burro with the body of the alien draped over it, wrapped in a blanket. The sight of the alien body in the blanket made me very nervous, and I didn't want to look at it. I thought that it was a stupid thing to do, for what if the aliens came looking for it? Sure enough, that night lights appeared in the sky, and beams of light swept over the desert floor searching for the alien. The prospector stood and watched, until one of the beams found him and his burro, and stopped. At that moment my anxiety rose to terror and dread for what unspeakable fate was in store for the prospector. I was most fearful for what he would see when the aliens came for him, which was unbearable to think about. Fortunately, the scene ended at that point. The sheriff mounted a search for the missing prospector, who was never found. I lay awake for several nights until I finally forced myself to put it out of my mind. I made the mistake of telling my mother about how the show had frightened me, and she forbade me to watch it anymore.

The next event involves Sarah and Elizabeth and a most peculiar story.

Up flying around with them

One afternoon I arrived home and found myself alone. This was unusual, because my parents never left David or I alone without an adult or my older sister Sarah being present. She should have been there, but wasn't. I felt very uncomfortable in the dark, quiet house, so I decided to look for her. I thought she might be at Elizabeth's, so I walked down the road to her house, but no one was home. Then I looked around the farm buildings and checked the old chicken house that Sarah and Elizabeth had converted into a Nature museum, but no one was there either. In a final effort I made a circle around the building, and as I came around the last corner I was startled to come face-to-face with Sarah, who was standing with a frown on her face, waiting for me. Where had she come from? I asked her where she had been, and she said matter-of-factly that she had been up with "them". She said that they had taken her and Elizabeth up and that they had been flying around. I was puzzled. She did not say who "they" were, but seemed to assume that I understood. I suggested that we go find Elizabeth, who I thought must now be in the house, but Sarah said that Elizabeth was still up with them and that she wouldn't be back for a while, and that we should go home. She said they brought her back early because I was looking for her. She seemed to be a little put off by this, which explained her frown. As we walked along the road, I wanted to know more, but strangely couldn't think of what to ask. I knew that she wasn't talking about flying in an airplane, and that the people who had taken her up were not ordinary people, but I felt that I should not ask about it. She was quiet and subdued, and only spoke when I asked her a question. I only asked what she had seen while she was flying. None of us had ever flown in an airplane, and I had always thought it would be neat to fly around and see the landscape, and I was envious. She said they could see all over the countryside and that they saw trees, roads and houses, and that the view was very good. When we got home, I let the matter drop. I thought about this incident a few times afterward, but I don't think we ever talked about it again.

Sarah was serious and calm, just as she had been when she told me of seeing the landed craft in the pasture. She was not an actor, and I completely believed her. Like all the other events, there was no thought of telling anyone about this. We both knew that it was private and just between us, and that it was not to be talked about.

Years later when I began writing down these memories I asked Sarah about this event, and others described here, but she had no memory of any of them. She was skeptical that it had actually happened, and her response was that she must have been kidding me. I was surprised that she did not remember anything, especially the later events that were fearful for her (described below) which I remembered vividly. My brother, as well, who has a good memory for most things, does not remember any of the events that involved him. It is actually not unusual for people who have encounters to forget them soon after they happen. In some cases, an event is remembered at first, but the memory fades quickly, and in a short time it is completely forgotten. In fact, most encounters are not remembered at all until they are recalled under hypnosis or spontaneously recalled much later. This amnesia seems to be imposed by the alien beings. I wondered why I remembered and my sister and brother did not, and how much else there wss that I did not remember.

Age 10-11

One day as I prowled our local library, I noticed a new book on display. The title was Inside the Space Ships, by George Adamski. I picked it up and realized that this book was about flying saucers. I was amazed that there were such books, and I was surprised and delighted to find that the library had a collection of books on the subject. I eagerly read the books, and a new world opened to me. I learned that many people saw flying saucers and that there was great interest in them, and that the preferred term for them now was unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The books assumed that UFOs were spacecraft from other planets, which seemed to me the only possible explanation.

Meanwhile, strange events on the farm continued. The following occurred on two occasions during the summer of 1957 or 1958.

Loud noise

Sarah, David and I were home alone, sitting in the living room. Suddenly, we were startled by a loud noise that came from outside, very close to the house. The sound was a BRAAAAK that lasted for two or three seconds. It was similar to the sound of a large truck engine braking, only louder and more abrupt. This was followed by two more bursts a few seconds apart. Strangely, I couldn't tell which direction the sound came from - it seemed to come from all directions. We looked out the window to see if a vehicle was coming up the driveway, but there was nothing. We were puzzled, but oddly none of us wanted to go outside to check it out, and we returned to what we were doing.

Much later it occurred to me that the noise sounded as if it came from directly above the house.

The following incident is an extreme case of a mental block that nearly drove me to despair.

Something was there!

One spring morning as I lay in bed just after I woke, I heard the screen door on the back porch slam shut as Sarah entered the house, and her alarmed voice as she spoke to Dad. She said that she had just been down by the brooder house near the barn and had seen an area where the grass was pressed flat, that appeared as if something heavy had sat on it during the night. Then Dad replied in a loud, agitated voice that he had seen it too, and he said emphatically, "Something was there!" As I heard them talk, I felt that I must lie very still and not let them know that I heard their conversation. I was curious about what they saw and was interested to see it myself, and thought that when no one was around I would look at it. But oddly, that day and in the days to come, I could not remember to do so. The area was not far from the house, and I walked within easy sight of it all the time, but while nearby I could never remember to turn my head and look at the grass. In idle moments when I was in the house I would remember and would chastise myself for forgetting, but it would always slip my mind before I went outside. Several times while at school I thought of it and wondered why I could never remember. On one occasion, as I rode home on the school bus, I was determined to remember and vowed that this time I would look as soon as I got home. But once again, by the time I got off the bus it had slipped my mind. It was frustrating, and it seemed incredible that I could never remember. Finally, six weeks after the event, I was able to hold the thought, and walked outside and toward the barn, but I felt little satisfaction. I grimly walked to the edge of the field and looked at the grassy area, but, as I expected, there was no sign of a depression, for the grass had long since recovered its shape. I stood and gazed over the field and bitterly wondered why it had been so hard to remember.

I reacted as though I had been given a hypnotic suggestion that I had to avoid the grass, and the block remained until I was allowed to remember six weeks after the event. The implication is that the grass was depressed by a craft that settled there, and that perhaps I had an encounter during the night that I was told to keep secret and that I did not remember.

About this time I had the following dream.

Dream: man in a shiny suit

I was standing in the field near the brooder house, looking at a figure that stood facing me that was completely covered in a shiny suit that resembled aluminum foil.

The location was the same as where Sarah and Dad had seen the grass pressed down, only in my dream the field was bare.

Missing time at the creek?

Sarah and Elizabeth were eagerly anticipating going somewhere, but they did not have to leave right away and suggested that in the meantime we all walk to the creek. This was unusual, for Sarah and Elizabeth rarely wanted to do anything with David and I. Elizabeth had a new wristwatch and proudly checked the time as we left the house. We reached the woods a few minutes later and had walked only a short distance when Elizabeth looked at her watch again and saw, with alarm, that it was much later than she had thought, and that now they were late. Nearly in a panic, Elizabeth exclaimed in bewilderment, "Where did the time go?" as we rushed back to the house. I was irritated that we had not even reached the creek.

Was this a case of missing time that masked an encounter, or did Elizabeth misread her watch several times? The implication is that we were manipulated to go to the creek, away from the house, where an encounter took place.

Strange events continued that seemed to focus on Sarah.

The flash of light

One day Sarah asked me if I wanted to walk to the creek. Again, this was unusual for we rarely wanted to do anything together. We crossed the creek and walked for a while through the woods. At one point Sarah was near a field and I was deeper in the woods. I was facing away from her when I heard her call to me in a frightened, shaky voice that she had seen a flash of light in the field. I wondered what would be frightening about that, and thought that it was probably nothing. She was afraid to go closer to the field and asked me to come take a look. I was sure there was no reason to be excited, but walked to the edge of the field to satisfy her. I looked out at the field, but saw nothing unusual. I told her there was nothing there, but she was not reassured. I asked her what she saw, and she said she thought she saw something large in the field and then a flash of light. She wanted to return to the house, and remained nervous until we arrived. I was not the least bit concerned or curious, and thought that she had imagined it.

This was the first time that Sarah showed fear in an unusual event. My lack of interest is puzzling, but was typical of my reaction in subsequent events. Perhaps Sarah and I were drawn to the the creek where we had an encounter, and I was following instructions to ignore it.

The object in the pasture

I was sitting in the living room reading when I heard Sarah call to me in agitation from the kitchen, which was at the other end of the house. She kept calling for me to come there, so I reluctantly put down my book and walked to the kitchen. She was clearly frightened and told me that something was in the pasture, and asked me to take a look. I looked out the dining room window at the pasture, but saw nothing unusual. I said, "I don't see anything." She looked again and said in a puzzled voice, "It was there a minute ago." I asked what she had seen, and she said that it was a large object sitting at the end of the pasture by the edge of the woods, which was several hundred yards from the house. Mildly curious, I asked how large it was, and she said it was as big as a house. I thought that was unlikely. I didn't know what she had seen, but was not concerned, and I returned to my reading, though she was still frightened.

I had read accounts of landed UFOs with great interest, but it is curious that I did not relate Sarah's experience to these, and gave it little credence.

Age 12

Electric reaction

One day I was flipping through our World Book Encyclopedia when I came across the entry on Einstein's theory of relativity. When I saw that it had to do with the relativity of time, I instantly felt a sensation like an electric shock run through my body, before I even read the article. The shock was like a sudden recognition of something very important that took me totally by surprise. Yet I had never heard of the theory of relativity.

So, what what was my recognition of? I seemed to know, somehow, of the importance of the relativity of time, and coming across it resonated with knowledge buried deep in my subconscious. After this, the subject of relativity, particularly of time, became my main scientific interest, and seemed to me like a key to the secrets of the Universe. Some abductees recall being given information about science and being trained in a different form of mathematics, yet they cannot recall the details and do not know the purpose.

I was excited to find that our library had added more books by Gearge Adamski. I was so intrigued by them that I wrote to him expressing my interest. In response, I received a copy of newsletter with a personal note typed in the margin by C. A. Honey, who I assumed was his female assistant. Years later when living in Southern California, I attended a lecture by C. A. Honey, then a senior citizen, who said that Adamski remained an enigma to him and that he never knew if the experiences that Adamski wrote about were real.

After the first artificial earth satellite was launched on October 4, 1957 I became deeply interested in America's entry into the space race. Later in high school I wrote several letters to NASA asking for information and was put on their mailing list for press releases and publications, and for several years received a steady stream of material.

Age 13

Elizabeth and Sarah see a strange light

Elizabeth and Sarah were driving home one evening after dark, and as they approached Elizabeth's house they saw a bright light in a field a few hundred feet from the house. The appearance of the light was very unusual, so they pulled over to the side of the road to watch it. After a while the light went out, and they continued to the house.

The strangeness of the light made a strong impression on the girls, and Sarah told this story several times in the following years. At first I was not impressed and thought that maybe the light was from a vehicle or farm equipment, but Sarah insisted that it was nothing like that and was not like any light she had ever seen.

Starting when I was about 13, I had a series of dreams that became a highlight of my childhood. These dreams were unique in that I felt great joy and happiness, and that my brother David had exactly the same dreams.

The airplane dreams

My brother David and I shared a bedroom. One morning I awoke from a very vivid dream which I described to David, and to my surprise he told me that he had previously had the same dream. In the dream I was looking up in the sky as white airplanes flew slowly and silently overhead. As I stared intently at the airplanes, I had an ecstatic feeling, which David described as being "so happy". The airplanes seemed magical. The feeling of joy was very vivid and was beyond any feeling that I had in waking life. Sometimes the airplanes passed very close to each other and I thought that they might collide, but they never did. I felt a great longing to see one of the airplanes up close, and wanted more than anything for one to come down and land, or even to crash. We both had these dreams from time to time, and we called them the "airplane dreams". When one of us had the dream, we would tell the other that "I had an airplane dream last night." Sometimes we would have the dream on the same night, but usually it would be on different nights, and we looked forward to them. The dreams continued for some time, possibly for a year or more. The dreams finally came to an end in a grand finale when at last my greatest desire came true, and an airplane crashed in the field in front of the house. I was elated, but it turned out to be anticlimactic. I excitedly ran to where it crashed, but when I came up to it I was disappointed to see only a very non-magical pile of rubble. As I looked at the rubble in disappointment, I hardly noticed the tall, slender man who stood beside the pile, wearing a plaid shirt. After a moment when my disappointment had set in, I asked the man, "Did you come down in that?", to which he replied in an extremely pleasant, melodious voice, "Yes, I did." Here the dream ended, and I never had an airplane dream again. I was so disappointed that I don't think I bothered to mention this dream to David, and he never told me about having another airplane dream, either. Years later I asked him if an airplane ever came down or crashed in his dream, and he said he thought so, but couldn't remember the details.

Today, I think that these dreams were projected and were a form of contact, and suspect that the final dream may have been a memory fragment of an actual encounter. Our joyful feelings for the airplanes seem similar to feelings experienced by witnesses who encounter what seems to be a magical creature, such as a deer or butterfly, which enthralls them, but which under hypnosis turns out to be a screen memory that masks an alien encounter.

Age 14

The next experience was frustrating because, once again, I missed a sighting because my back was turned.

David and Dad saw a craft land

Dad, David and I drove the tractor and flatbed wagon to the edge of a field near the creek to pick up rocks that littered an area of the ground. We had been tossing rocks onto the wagon for a while when I heard David say, "I saw something come down," then Dad said, "I saw it too." I was facing away from them, bending down, and I looked up and asked David what he was talking about. David said that he had seen an object descend from the sky and disappear below the crest of the field, and apparently land by woods that bordered the field several hundred feet away. I looked in the direction he indicated, but saw nothing. Curious, I asked several questions about it. He said that it was white, was about as big as a small house, and that it didn't come straight down but descended at an angle. I wanted to walk over the hill and take a look, but Dad said that we should finish loading the rocks and he would check it out. We worked for another few minutes, then Dad told us to stay there, and he walked across the field and disappeared over the rise. He returned after five or ten minutes and said that he didn't see anything, and we said no more about it.

Many encounters follow seeing an object descend from the sky. The witness only remembers the initial sighting and is not aware that anything else happened or that there was missing time. That we did not see the object leave indicates that perhaps something did happen that we did not remember. If there was a short period of missing time, I would not have noticed it afterward.

Age 15-17

Dad saw something

Dad and I were mowing tall grass and weeds in a back field across the creek. Dad drove the old John Deere tractor as I sat on the vintage mowing machine, pulling a lever that controlled the height of the long mowing blade. At one point Dad stopped the tractor and came to me and said, "I thought I saw something," without further explanation, and he seemed to wait for my reaction. I had been focused on the mower and said I hadn't seen anything. I was not at all curious about what he saw, and didn't ask about it. I only thought it was odd to make such a vague statement. He walked around for a minute, showing uncharacteristic anxiety, then returned to the tractor and we resumed mowing.

It was not until years later that I thought more about this event and realized how unusual it was for Dad to stop as he did. I wondered what had caused him to do so and why I had not been curious about it. Dad was reticent about most things and didn't share his feelings or reach out to us kids often. When David and Dad saw the object descend in the field, I felt that if David hadn't said anything that Dad wouldn't have mentioned it. I realized that he must have seen something quite unusual that alarmed him. When I showed no reaction, in his usual reserved way, he said nothing more, possibly not wanting to worry me. He walked around uneasily, as if trying to decide what to do, and all the while I sat on the mower, waiting patiently. Whatever he had seen was apparently no longer there, and he decided to continue mowing. I now think it is likely that he saw an object in the sky or on the ground which, once again, I missed. My peculiar lack of curiosity was the same as when Sarah saw the flash of light in the field, and saw an object at the end of the pasture (above).

Moon Pilot

I went to see the Disney movie Moon Pilot. I was disappointed that it was an inane comedy-melodrama instead of being about space travel as I had hoped, and found the female lead, a skinny woman named Lyrae who had a funny hairdo and spoke with a French accent, not very appealing ... that is, until she revealed that she was from the star system Beta Lyrae. At that, a wave of emotion swept over me, and I became transfixed by her. My view of her suddenly changed, and I was enthralled by the thought that such a beautiful woman was an alien. When the film ended I realized that I had a crush on her. I dreamily thought about her for several days, and returned to see the movie again.

There was no obvious reason why I had such a strong attraction to the Lyrae character, whom I did not initially like. The trigger was her revealing that she was from another planet, which must have resonated with something in my subconscious. There are a number of cases in which a person met a mysterious woman and formed a close relationship with her, then learned that she was not from Earth (e.g. A Masquerade of Angels by Karla Turner). Had I had an encounter with an attractive woman that I did not remember?


When I was in my teens I began to have dreams of lights and strange craft in the sky. Some of the more vivid dreams were in color and a few had sound, which was unusual for me. The dreams were not pleasant like the airplane dreams, but had an ominous, foreboding feeling, and I often felt fear. No two dreams were the same, but several types of dreams occurred over and over. I did not have the dreams every night, but on the many nights that I did, it was a relief to wake in the morning and find myself back in the familiar world, though on some mornings it took a while to reorient myself to waking reality. Some dreams stayed with me for much of the morning, and I had to put them out of my mind to keep from feeling depressed. The dreams continued until I was in my mid-20s.

Nearly all of the dreams took place on the farm and most had a common theme: I was standing outside looking up in the sky, watching and anticipating with a feeling of foreboding. Soon I spotted what I was looking for - lights or objects, usually very high up - and a sense of alarm and dread swept over me. The following were some of the most common types of dreams.

Airplanes in formation

A continuous stream of airplanes flew overhead in close formation at low altitude, only a few hundred feet up. The airplanes were military and were all different types and sizes, and all were dark color and were propeller-driven, though occasionally there was a lone jet-powered plane that was larger and lighter in color than the rest. Sometimes there would be a second stream a little higher up, moving in a different direction. The airplanes made a great noise and presented an awesome spectacle. Then I saw, much higher up and directly overhead, several lights close together, moving slowly in different directions. They seemed ominous and I became worried. I knew these lights were not ours (from Earth), but I had no feeling of what they were.

Watching the skies

I stood watching the sky with a feeling of foreboding. Eventually I spotted one or more strange craft, sometimes high up and sometimes lower, stationary or moving slowly, and I felt great anxiety. In several dreams, I saw a disk shaped object just a few hundred feet above the ground.

White clouds and stars

I stood looking up at the nighttime sky that was half filled with billowy white clouds, with patches of brilliant stars between. I carefully watched the stars, looking for any that was moving. Eventually I spotted a light that was moving, which I knew was not a star, and I felt great anxiety.

Moving lights in the sky

It was daytime, and I saw many large lights of different sizes in the sky, moving slowly in different directions. I knew that these were some kind of craft and that they were always present, even when I couldn't see them.

I had the following dream only once, but it had one of the strongest emotional impacts of all.

Spinning disk

I stood in my front yard looking up at the night sky full of stars. Soon I noticed that a star lower in the sky to my left was moving. It came directly overhead and stopped, and I saw that it was a disk, very high up, with luminous radial ribs that were spinning. Suddenly, I felt that I was being observed by a cold, alien intelligence, and I was overcome by a feeling of dread. I felt very small and exposed, and knew there was no way I could hide from it.

The following was one of the few dreams that was not set on the farm, and I was not afraid. I had this dream three or four times.


I was a in large room that was completely dark, except that a few feet above my head was a brilliant three-dimensional starfield, like a model of a region of our galaxy. Suddenly, I lifted up into it and began to move horizontally as if I was traveling through space at a very fast rate, and I saw stars moving quickly by me. After traveling for what seemed like a great distance, I saw that I was approaching several planets and knew that I was nearing my home. I passed by a planet with rings, like Saturn, then I saw the Moon looming ahead of me, though I did not see Earth. In at least one of the dreams I headed straight for the Moon, which quickly zoomed in to fill my field of vision, then I was on the surface. I saw myself standing behind a glass-like door in the side of a building, looking out at the stark, airless landscape.

In high school I joined NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), at the time the largest UFO research organization. As a member I received their publication The UFO Evidence, which presented the best evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles. This document was distributed to members of Congress in hope of stimulating hearings on government secrecy and coverup of UFOs. Unfortunately, their effort was perceived by some as a threat and had quite a different result. NICAP was infiltrated by the CIA and neutralized, and was eventually dissolved.

Age 18-22

After high school I entered college, where I majored in mathematics with a minor in physics. Though I lived on campus some distance from home, the disturbing dreams set on the farm continued unabated. There were no strange events while I was at school, but several occurred when I returned home for visits.

The jumping ghost

One evening I was called to dinner, and as I walked down the hall to the kitchen I glanced to my left through a doorway into a dark bedroom and saw a white figure streak through the air and disappear into the wall that separated the bedroom from the kitchen. The figure was very thin with a long stretched body, arms, and legs.

Like most peculiar experiences, I did not mention this to anyone.

Missing time in the woods

One Sunday afternoon around 2 or 3 p.m. I felt an urge to walk to the creek, and I headed down the lane behind the barn. When I reached the woods I turned left and walked near the edge of the field that was behind the barn. After a short distance I paused by a small tree. A light drizzle had begun, and I stood looking across the field toward the barn, listening to the rain gently falling on the leaves. Suddenly, I saw that the light had faded and it was becoming dark. At first I wondered what was happening, but then I realized that it was twilight. I was confused, for I knew that there should have been hours of daylight remaining. My first thought was that I should get back to the house. When I began to walk back to the lane, I was immediately enveloped by a visceral fear and a feeling of dread. As I hurried up the lane, almost at a run, I kept looking behind me, fearing that something awful was behind me. The light was fading fast, and it seemed to take forever to close the distance to the barn. When I came into sight of lights in the kitchen windows, I felt that if I could only get to the house I would be safe. Finally, I rushed in the back door with great relief. The family was just sitting down to dinner and everyone was in good spirits and laughing. They asked me where I had been all afternoon. Still confused, I could not think of what to say. The conversation went on to other things, and I said nothing. I was glad to be back in the house and with the family, and soon put it out of my mind.

I had three or four hours of missing time. Oddly, I did not give this incident much thought afterward, and, as usual, didn't mention it to anyone. This was the only occurrence of missing time during my youth that I was consciously aware of, and was the last strange event that I experienced on the farm. Much later I realized that the fear I felt then was the same as my fear when I encountered the faceless man at age five. In both cases I rushed up the lane in chilling, dreadful fear of something behind me. As kids we spent many enjoyable afternoons at the creek, and normally felt that it was a safe place. However, I did recall that there had been a few other occasions when I returned from the creek in fear, similar to these two events. I had been puzzled as to why I was afraid, when most trips were pleasant. I could find no reason, and just wanted to forget it.

The creek and surrounding woods were the most isolated parts of the farm, and were the location of most of the strange events. It is likely that some or all of these masked encounters that we were not allowed to remember, which would have included periods of missing time. I never wore a watch and paid little attention to the time, so I might not have noticed if a few minutes, up to an hour or so, were missing.